Dr. Mansour Moazenjamshidi

Orthopedic specialist – hip and thigh surgery specialist fellowship

Member of the European Society of Surgeons

Member of the Iranian Pelvic Surgeons Association

Member of specialized orthopedic associations

 Has won Iran’s hip surgery in two consecutive years

I am Dr. Seyed Mir Mansour Mouzen Jamshidi, born in the United Arab Emirates in 1983. I came to Iran after 7 years. In 2017, I was accepted as the only subspecialist in hip and hip surgery and joint replacement at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, which is selected once a year in this field in the country.
Membership of the Iranian Pelvic Surgeons Association.
Membership of the European Association of Pelvic Surgeons EHS.
Membership of the Iranian Association of Orthopedic Surgeons.
Official admission from Rotman University headed by Professor Parvizi.
Holder of two board courses of Iranian Pelvic Surgeons Association.
AO membership.
Bone and joint surgery specialist from Tehran University
Superspecialized fellowship in hip and thigh surgery. Joint exchange from University of Tehran.


Currently, I am in Zanjan two days a week and the rest in Tehran at Imam Khomeini Hospital